Mobile Baby Blues

There is the newborn; I Only Sleep When The Baby Sleeps, Except Not Really Because I Feel Compelled To Do Things Like Pee, Shower, Eat, And Fold Shit Exhaustion. Then there’s the Baby’s Mobile And I Can’t Baby-Proof The World Exhaustion.

Because I’m currently in the second category, I’m going to say it’s harder, but I’m sure in the end they’re equally intense. And as the days progress, he’s getting less happy about being toddled from crib to car seat to high chair to sling. He wants to be FREEEEEEEE! I don’t blame ’em. He’s also starting to realize there is life on the other side of the baby gates and behind closed doors and on table tops. “I WANT INNNNNNNNNNNNNN” screams his little body on the tippiest of tip toes.

I took Ian to a meeting at a friend’s house last night for one hour, and I felt like I’d had a full body workout. Entering into a new room, my eyes dart from the pointy table to the open fireplace to the LIT candle on a low table to the dog hair I knew he’d be ingesting. And no matter how many times people say I am welcome to bring the baby, I don’t believe them. That’s like saying you welcome a tornado to pick up your house and put it back down in relatively the same condition.

We’ll definitely be home for the holidays this year.

Play dates at my house are much easier on my mom. Auntie Katie is distracting me with Gumby so she can put a headband on me.


My 80's workout gear is complete.




Just so you know, anything you put on me ends up in my mouth. Yesterday, an old lady gave me her bracelet to play with, but she didn't want me to put it in my mouth. Um, yea. I'll get right on that.

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