Walking walking walking

I think Ian’s getting another cold. Wha? We haven’t even been around any humans hardly. I hope this isn’t a bad one, and I’m kicking myself for not putting the humidifier in his room, but I’m not about to go in there and risk waking him.

Fingers crossed he sleeps through the night, especially since dad’s not coming home ’til morning, and then he will be a basket case because he will have been working for 24 hours straight. That better be one dope trailer.

What do we do when we are in no play date quarantine land? We walk. A lot.

Jammies on so we can do the dinner/teeth brush/diaper change/story/nurse/sleep routine once we get home.


Talking to the plants.


Patiently waiting.


Or not.


Our courtyard at sunset.


Our peace sign that's been up since last Christmas. Yea, had a New Year's Baby and didn't take down all the holiday decor...maybe next year.


Walking in the city. Not so pretty.


Ghosts having a seance to call in their friends. How spiritual.


One of my favorite houses to walk by. Think it's the red door, or the saint hanging on the left. I'm not catholic, yet I find it deeply comforting (probably cuz I'm not catholic).


The rare empty sidewalk. What I live for. I'm such a loner.


The kind of driveway a Midwesterner cringes at. Cobbled with a huge incline. Nightmare for snow and ice.


Thanks for all the fresh air, mama!


All this walking's stimulated my appetite. Let's go have some lamb stew! Okay.

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