Height & Weight & Rage Against The Machine

I love how I have this blog and I pretty much document Ian’s every move, yet I often forget to mention the basic stats, like height and weight. Well, we finally went to the doctor, and here’s the stats:  On October 27, 2011, at just about 10 months old, Ian is 20 pounds, and 29 inches long.

Ta da! He’s growing, but we knew that.

So we’re back to square one with pediatricians. I didn’t like the first one, loved the second one, second one left the office to pursue private practice (read: out of network for insurance), saw third doctor in same office, didn’t like her. She didn’t even shake my hand or ask what my name was.

Ah the good old insurance cycle. We have insurance because God forbid someone gets cancer or gets hit by a beer truck. We pay $700/month in premiums alone for the three of us. Now, we’re not really doctor goers. We take no medication. We kind of think doctors are bullshit, and the doctors we do like (the crunchier, holistic, call you by name, take their time and generally seem to give a fuck about us type) don’t take insurance. We paid $6,000 out of pocket to have a home birth, and I would do it again in a heartbeat, but I cannot express the rage I feel around health insurance.

Once again, we’ve gotten that dreaded packet in the mail from Blue Cross, telling us our costs are increasing and our benefits are decreasing. Wasn’t this supposed to be getting better? The rebel in me wants to give Anthem the finger and sock all that premium money into a health savings account and go to crunchy doctors, but since I’ve grown two neck tumors I don’t know if that would be the wisest choice.

Anywho. We all have colds and might miss all the Halloween festivities, much to my horror (and after all of Aunt Sharyn’s hard work). FML.

Guess I'll have to show off my Pascal costume for Thanksgiving. And Christmas. And my first birthday.

Onto happier news. Ian loves cheese. Video coming soon.

2 comments on “Height & Weight & Rage Against The Machine

  1. As much as we all hate paying increasing health insurance premiums,
    Take a look at a HSA account. We were sort of forced into looking at those policies. The monthly premium is lower, however the initial out of pocket is BIG. You can choose a tier on what that might be. For us, we have to fulfill $6k out of pocket before there is a co-pay. Since we are some what healthy, go for wellness visits & have some meds, we haven’t come close to spending that. It’s something to consider, especially since you NEED insurance.
    Health insurance brings out the rage in everyone, bc we all need it, & it’s not affordable.

  2. I am sympathetic about health insurance. Is Ian growing a chin dimple? Sure looked like it in the picture. Love, Dad

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