We Treated

Oh mom guilt. Severe mom guilt. Ian was much better today, but not 100%, and I’m still not 100%, so we missed all the Halloween festivities over the weekend, and on the day itself, Ian’s very first Halloween, I thought the highlight would be Skyping with the grandparents in costume.

We walked to Whole Foods at dusk and saw many big and small kiddos in costume and I started to get sad (why didn’t I dress him up even just to go to Whole Foods? Bad mommy). I saw a two year-old little girl trick-or-treating with her nanny and I wanted to throw myself on the ground and sob. I got this picture from Bodhi’s mom and questioned my thinking on just about anything.

Bodhi as baby Krishna. I die of cuteness.

Then dad called. He was going to be home early! I said, let’s dress him up and take him out. We went to two houses. I didn’t have to cry it out. It was a smashing success!

Let's stay up past our bedtime and collect candy!

Here he is with his booty. He got Gummy Bears, pretzels (fail), Whoppers, and Skittles. He liked the Whoppers best. Smart boy. Now mom’s enjoying them in a sundae cuz, you know, it’s Monday.


4 comments on “We Treated

  1. Where did you find that pascal costume? Or how did you make it? I want to dress my son up as pascal this year

    • Hi Kiera! My aunt actually made Ian’s Pascal costume. I believe she used a dinosaur costume pattern and then made the Pascal eyes from scratch.

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