Rollin’ In Laundry

Hello. I am writing to you from bed with a heating pad on my bosoms, as I have a plugged duct. Owie. Think Ian’s starting to wean a bit, but my boobs don’t know that. He’s all into the food (ate an entire banana and apple pureed in one sitting-with a side of chicken noodle soup) and the exploring, and I think he’d still be into nursing if he could take my boobs to go.

Here he is doing one of his favorite activities: Helping me fold laundry (not really). Yes, I put my clean laundry on the floor. It’s a great distraction. And we don’t wear shoes inside so it’s practically sterile.

I like to twist myself up in clean clothes and then try to climb things.


Then I take a break.


Break's over.


I go for the undies first. Happy colors.


Teething's a bitch, by the way.


Just cut my first incisor, and it involved a lot of tears and snot.



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