Ian’s Entourage

Is this real school?

I’m laying on the couch, feeling like death. Mastitis got me yet again. Ian, however, is having the adventure of his life. Literally. His best Debbie took him to her son’s school for story time (she was reading spooky stories), and the whole class thought he was pretty neat. Here he is, being held by the teacher, and I got the first update that there has been nary a cry. There has only been singing, smiling, clapping, and waving (this waving business is news to me).

Now they’re going to have lunch, shop at Trader Joe’s, and play with Debbie’s boys. He’s gonna have SO much to tell me.

I cannot tell you how heartening it is to know that he’s okay without mama for a little while, since I’m going to be cooking again starting in December. We’re growing up, Ian! I love you so much.

2 comments on “Ian’s Entourage

  1. Getting emotional about this….Ian with a babysitter??? I’m so glad he’s in safe hands. He looks very happy in the picture and video. So glad you’ve found a wonderful friend like Debbie.

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