Simple Kind Of Life

Today was a gift. We had no plans. I was nervous. But you woke up happy and stayed happy all day long. No explanation. You seemed to be getting a joke I did not understand. Or I’m funnier than I thought. You played and explored and had very important projects that took all of your attention for most of the day. You would check in with me, we would lock eyes, and you would give me this giant smile and giggle. You also nursed a ton today, but I don’t think it was out of hunger (you ate two giant meals, comprised of broccoli, potato, yams, avocado, banana, tofu, and sunflower seed butter). It was almost like the nursing was home base. You would stay close for about twenty minutes at a time, which is very long for you to nurse these days, and then you were off to explore the world that is the living room and dining room.

Grandma and grandpa got to watch you play via Skype for a long, sweet spell.

You discovered frozen peas.



You discovered buddha.



I always love you, my scrumptious boy, but today it was a rich, rich pleasure being your mother.

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