Bacon Scones


I made these scones for Jamaica’s baby shower, which we did not attend because mister has yet another cold.  I thought the scones were pretty tasty, and I hope the party goers enjoyed them. I did have some dough issues, hence the few star scones, which I quickly downgraded to squares. Yeah, trying to cut scones with a screaming baby was not the easiest Sunday morning I’ve ever experienced.

Luckily, the cold seems pretty minor and he’s in good spirits, but we’re quarantined once again. Which means I’ll be cooking up a storm. On the agenda is turkey meatballs with spinach, cooked slow in the crock pot in tomato sauce with fresh herbs, beef brisket swimming in melted onions, and my favorite carrot coriander soup made with homemade chicken stock. Oh, and I’m going to roast some potatoes and parsnips. That should get us through the short week, then we’re headed to Auntie Tiffany and Auntie Katie’s house for Thanksgiving. Tiff is an amazing chef, so I’m planning to consume about 10,000 calories that day. Mmmmmmmm. It shall be documented.

I thought I’d leave you with a pic of the happy coughing boy. We rarely use the bouncy anymore (for obvious reasons), but every once in a while it works in a pinch when I want to take a shower, if he’s in a good mood. In a good mood he was, and I figured the warm steam would do his lungs good. Plus, my bosoms were up to their usual antics so I had to rouse him early to nurse and then express in the shower. I think my boobs think I have twins…anyone have a kid they want me to nurse? Geez.


Ian in his bouncy on 11.20.11. Holy teeth.


Ian in his bouncy seat on 1.20.11. Look how big the seat pad looks! Baby feet.

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