First and foremost, I am SO grateful this cold seems to be waning. The thought of missing Thanksgiving with Tiff and Katie was so depressing, especially because it’s Ian first!

(Side guilt note: There is no Thanksgiving outfit for Ian. He fits into about four things at the moment, or rather, they fit him, but are too short in the arms and legs. If he was a girl, there would SO be a Thanksgiving outfit. Maybe he should wear his Pascal costume. Wait. Tiff and Katie’s three dogs might go crazy if Ian has a tail…)

So yes, I’m grateful we won’t be missing Thanksgiving due to illness. I’m also thankful for the truckload of love that has poured into my life since I became a mom. If I could sit at a table with all the people I truly love in my life today, well, that table would not fit into our condo. It’s crazy, but the folks I have met along my pregnancy and mama journey just blow me away. They have taught me about kindness, generosity, and service. I have received more than I ever dreamed, and my heart is full to bursting.

Here is Thanksgiving last year. Ian’s on the inside.

The plan today is to eat our faces off in Pasadena. I’m going to attempt making Krista’s slow cooked broccoli in the crock pot. Tiffany’s cooking most of the meal: Turkey, gravy, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, cornbread stuffing, multiple pies…and I’m making said broccoli, spiced yam mash, and apple/pear sauce. Did I mention this meal is for four adults and one baby? We’re awesome.

Tomorrow, once I sleep off the food coma, I hope to decorate for Christmas! My plan is to put the tree on the back porch. That way, we can enjoy it, and Ian can’t get to it…

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