There was a lot of it. It was delicious.


As my friend and client, Denise, wisely told us, cut your turkey and put it on top of the stuffing. Done in an hour and a half, juicy with crisp skin, and the stuffing has soaked up all the drippings. Swoon.



Spiced yam mash.



Crescent rolls (which husband kept lovingly calling croissants), for the white trash factor.



Chocolate pecan pie. No words.



Perfect pumpkin pie.



The spread on a lazy susan at Tiff’s house. Two kinds of stuffing, apple/pear sauce, gravy, mashed potatoes, rice made by Chinese grandma, bread, two pies. Nary a green vegetable. My slow cooked broccoli was a fail (I revived it the next day tho- more on that later).



My plate. Went back for more stuffing. And had two pieces of pie.

Ian’s first Thanksgiving dinner.

We thought it went so well. He had yams, apple/pear sauce, and stuffing. I think it was the stuffing. He threw up in his crib at 11pm. Everywhere. We had a costume change, bed change, and play date at midnight.

One comment on “Food

  1. Ask Erika, we always debone and butterfly the turkey, it cuts down the cooking time usually in half AND yea, for crispy skin all over! Looks like you had a fabulous feast and all were healthy and WELL!!! yippee 🙂 Glad you had a wonderful day!

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