So we met Santa. Turns out, he makes pepperoni rolls with Danish dough that he folds butter into for three days. True story.

Ian liked looking at Santa, but wasn’t so sure about sitting in his lap. He wanted to cry but held it together for the photo shoot. However, once mama was trying to select the money shots via the crappy PC the sixteen year old Santa’s Helpers were navigating while Ian was being sung Christmas carols from the big man himself, his courage waned and big tears started rolling.

He was fine once he was back safely in mom’s arms and didn’t want to give up the jingle bell. He traded it for a Westside Pavillion Santa’s Adventures book which he promptly consumed a full corner of. Mom got it out of his grip before he got to a staple.

All in all, it was a successful trip to the mall.

And yes, it does appear that Santa has fangs.

Not my most authentic smile.


How I really feel.


Okay mom, I'll give you one.

One comment on “Santa

  1. I sent Love y’all. Blackberry corrected my spelling. Oh well, some of the time computers know everything but they do not know when they don’t. Great pictures all! Love, Dad

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