Husband's noir Christmas breakfast. Asaigo toasted bagel with herbed cream cheese, shaved purple onion, lox and tomato, with a side of scrambled eggs and bacon. I cooked my ass off for like three days...


This is what $164 of meat looks like. Organic prime rib. Too bad I couldn't figure out how to carve it.


Something green.


Mashed Yukon's with garlic.


Ye olde Spiced Yams. Never gets olde.


Cornbread stuffing. Yes. Stick of butter...


Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake, before the toffee sauce was poured on. Mom called it, "Heaven in a bowl."


Christmas walk in Venice.


Merry merry.


Whew. It’s been a big few days since the grandparents arrived from Michigan. A whirlwind of cooking, I whipped up Christmas Even dinner, Christmas breakfast, Christmas dinner, then went right in to client cooking Monday and Tuesday. Plus Ian’s been up multiple times during the night, so I feel like I haven’t quite relaxed and been able to just enjoy having my folks here.

I’m getting there, though. Client food was completed this afternoon and the rest of the week will be about  sneaking some alone time with my mom, with husband, and with myself at some point! Want to go to a yoga class really bad…

Ian’s been super sweet and happy even though he’s still congested. He’s been waking up a lot at night, and between his cold symptoms and the fact that our house is very exciting these days, I’m not surprised. Means less sleep at night for us, but I’m trying not to stress about it and hope that when our normal routine resumes he will have an easier time sleeping through the night.

His first birthday is Sunday. I cannot even begin to wrap my head around that one. He’s gonna get some gluten free, sugar free blueberries and cream cupcakes, and we’re gonna get champagne. Pop!

One comment on “Christmasness

  1. It all looked awesome! The rib roast looked FABULOUS! plus so easy to carve, hope you didn’t have a wrestling match with it in the kitchen.
    I was non stop cooking as well, and didn’t have the sense to take photos along the way. My sisters in law knew, once they saw me ” black out” just for a moment while sitting at the dining table for dessert…that I was exhausted from 3 full days of cooking.
    Hope Ian gets better so all of you can enjoy his 1st birthday! Where has the time gone?
    Have a happy New Year, and a joyous birthday party!!!

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