We Totally Partied

Talk to the foot.

Celebration food.

Baby Milo joined the fun.
He stuck close by his mama.
Mila was stellar. She helped open gifts and then gave Ian multiple birthday kisses and hugs. And played a duet on Ian's new piano.
Auntie Katie.
Auntie Juli.
Auntie Ash.
Grandma Kate.
We played.
A lot. Thanks for the soccer ball, Uncle Dirk!
All the birthdayness makes a one year old very thirsty.
Yep, I'm one. And I'm thinking in the box.

Most importantly, there were blueberries and cream cupcakes. I was inspired by Heather (one of my fav bloggers). They turned out great and were gobbled up in minutes, despite the fact that I also made a pineapple cake with coconut frosting that was full of butter and sugar.

5 comments on “We Totally Partied

  1. Hi Mandy, looks like a fun party, and I’m so glad Ian enjoyed his cupcake. Haha, and wow, looks like he definitely enjoyed it. Frosting everywhere! Looks like his first birthday party was a success. 🙂
    P.S. I love Mila’s dress!

  2. […] Year one felt like six months. Year two felt like three years. Year three felt like six months again. This was the year of preschool. Of potty learning (which STILL feels like a miracle). Of witnessing connections being made (trying hard to keep bodies safe when frustrated-or overly excited), the beginnings of independent play. Articulating specific feelings, whether you are trying them on or actually feeling them. […]

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