Upside Down Baby.

Now that I'm mature, I like to wear a neck pillow when I travel for extra comfort. Thanks, Auntie Denise!

I’ve heard from friends that their babies (now “toddlers”?) turned one and almost immediately seemed to make huge shifts.

This has happened here.

He’s different. He’s developing a sense of self. What he wants and doesn’t want. When he wants to do something. He is definitely telling me very specific things that sound like “Bah ga reegin dah” to my ignorant ears and so we play guessing games. We’re trying desperately to implement signing, which is sometimes working. He’s good with the “more” sign when eating, not so much with “milk” when he wants to nurse as he prefers whining and banging his head into my chest.

Speaking of nursing, he’s been on the boob pretty much all day this week. My guess is that being a new walker, stair climber, down dogger makes for wanting lots of close check-in time with mom. Also now that I’m working out of the home one day per week, he definitely needs more mama time the day after. He cried when our housekeeper came and when we went to visit a friend because he thought I was leaving.

Interesting how the new independence makes him want to see if he can still be dependent if he desires it. Makes the transition a little easier for both of us.

God, I love this little boy.

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