The Green Basket

A Boy And His Truck.

It’s the little things these days. Before Ian, going to get my oil changed would be no biggie. Take the laptop, do some work while I wait. Or walk to the movies.

When you have a baby, it becomes much more complicated.

Should we go before his nap and hope he doesn’t get cranky? After his nap and hope they’re not too busy?

We decided to go after, drop the car off, and walk to Bodhi’s house for some playtime, then mama Ash would drive us back to pick up our Little Red Prius (I guess you should have known by the way I parked my car sideways that it wouldn’t last…).

It was a perfect day for a walk, and when we got there, both Bodhi and Ash were ready for naps, so Ian and I settled in for quiet playtime and some Thirty Something viewing on Netflix (HELLO nostalgia). Ian’s favorites were the blue truck and the green basket. I think he wanted to crawl into the green basket but couldn’t quite figure out how.


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