New Word, New Toy, New Do

It was a long day.

At breakfast, we practiced with a very large spoon, and started saying the word “more” in addition to signing.

Then, we had a nap. When we woke up, there was two aunties and one magic blue horse named Rody.



Lastly, we got our very first haircut, courtesy of Auntie Tiffany (what can’t she do?). Ian was semi-patient for this in the exersaucer (we had to bribe him with apricot fruit leather). Between the water to wet his hair, the hair itself, and the dried apricot, we were all a sticky mess. Mom cleaned up while Ian roamed the courtyard, and she Ziplocked some locks for ritual or posterity, whichever comes first.

One comment on “New Word, New Toy, New Do

  1. Lucky guy, our ian is, having so many people truly and dearly loving him. He is worth it and appreciates it as well!

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