Teething Trauma

It’s been a week. And from what I’ve heard from other mamas, we seem to not be alone in this.

Teething pain is at a new level. Medicated (homeo and not, I even put whiskey on his gums once), with a boob readily available and my complete attention, he sobs. Just lays in my arms and cries. Sleep is disturbed. He barely eats.

He’s also decided it’s time to play the couch game. He climbs up (which he’s allowed to do), then promptly stands and tries to walk (which he is not allowed to d0). First, he gives me a big smile, then proceeds. I take him down and tell him we do not stand or walk on the couch. It is not safe. I don’t know if he thinks I think it’s funny, or if he thinks my waning patience and badly disguised frustration are funny. Either way, now we’re trying to give him a one minute “time out” in the Pack ‘N Play which is now in the living room. Time will tell.

We managed to go to two toddler groups and hit up the park this week, which he loved, although he was coveting others’ soccer and tennis balls much of the time. I am ashamed to say that I was “that mom” at the park: No hat (he won’t wear it anyway), no snack, no drink, and no balls. And Ian was “that kid” at the park: Stealing other kids water bottles, snacks,balls, and bikes.

We had a lovely end to the week by spending it with Bodhi and Mama Ash. Bodhi is up on his feet, and Ian was a champion spotter.

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