March Photo A Day. March 1st. “Up.”

I have not been blogging. No time, y’all. Mamas busy mamaing and cooking for new mamas. Feel so blessed and stressed and Tie-Red.

So I’m gonna try to do March Photo A Day. Will help keep me current without taking up time I do not have at the moment.

Ian’s awesome. The virus and teething have passed. He’s only walking. No crawling. He’s talking. First sentence: More banana. Sure, only his inner circle knows that is what he’s saying, but still.

We’re back to lots of independent play (usually involves moving furniture) and sweet communications and tons of smiles and laughs. Its days like this that I feel so so sad at the prospect of only doing this once. But that’s a whole other Oprah.

Camera pointed "up" from my spot on the couch. Husband watching Luck while I quietly nurse a hunger headache with peanut brittle.


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