March Photo A Day. Green.


Thank God I took this picture. My plan was to photograph the green cornbread I was going to make for all my boys (husband, uncle Dirk, Austin & Ian) but then I went to get a massage from Juli and Austin had to get home early and the day just got away from me…so we have Ian in his Kermit sweatshirt, sucking in his cheeks. Making his fish face.

So we were healthy and happy for exactly one day. Not that he’s unhealthy now (?) but the hoarse voice is back, and he was pretty cranky all day. I think it’s teething (when is it NOT fucking teething?) but who knows. Until Ian is verbal this will be my eternal question, which is why I’m thankful every single moment that I can give him comfort and perfect nourishment of the milky variety.

He spent much of the day there.

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