March Photo A Day. Something Funny.

Working dad's tripod. All he needs is a camera.

Okay, so it’s not that funny. It’s kind of the funniest thing that happened today. Way funnier than Ian falling down the stairs. Yea, that happened.

Good news is he’s fine. Completely not injured. Grandma shared a theory that makes total sense; we think kicked his legs over the steps and slid down on his belly, the same way he gets down off of a couch or a chair. This accounts for the silence of the “fall”, the lack of injury, and the fact that he didn’t start to cry until I screamed, “OH MY GOD” and ran down to him naked (we’d just gotten out of the bath). I would cry, too.

Although my heart is still racing ten hours later, I’m relieved that his instincts took him down the safest way possible. And neither Evan nor I will likely forget to close any baby gates forever. Or for awhile. God willing. Geez.

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