Gluten Free Maple Syrup Sweetened Lactation Bars

These are not for the faint of heart. Oh my dark, dark chocolate with soft, chewy yet creamy oats. Just enough sweetness and a hint of cinnamon warmth. These are going to all my mamas. If you’re not into some serious chocolate, use semisweet or milk or peanut butter chips or butterscotch chips or cinnamon chips or raisins or…

Why are these considered “lactation” bars? Because they contain oats and flax, both super foods known to increase a mama’s milk supply. The iron in oats, the omega-3 fatty acids in flax, and the fiber content of both oats and flax help keep mama healthy and breastfed baby thriving! Partners can eat these, too. They won’t start lactating. Promise. Or if they do, let me know as this will be a million dollar recipe!

This recipe is off the blog for now as they may be on the market soon (very exciting). Contact me for more information or to place an order!

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