My What A Happy Day

Today felt like this.

Today, the entire family was together. Husband and I with Austin and Ian. Had #22s at Dan’s Super Subs, played in the park while Austin had his drum lesson, then went to Austin’s jazz band concert. We even Skyped in the car with my dad and baby sister who will be giving birth to my niece any time now…can’t get more family than that.

It was awesome. Being in the auditorium brought back so many happy memories for me. It reminded me how much I love music.

Ian and I almost didn’t go. We had a very rough day yesterday, which included a lot of time in the car, and I was fearful what this day would bring. The lesson I learned (that I keep learning) is to never stop trying. Because yes, Ian may throw the broccoli on the floor the first five times, but the sixth time he’ll eat five bites. And just because he’s super cranky on an outing doesn’t mean I can never take him anywhere. It was just one day.

After seeing his big brother jam, Ian was inspired.

Tomorrow we head to Long Beach for yet another adventure. Ian and I are getting our photo taken by this genius. I’m so excited despite the fact that I have no hairstyle or clothes I like and didn’t have time to get a pedicure. All vanity has pretty much flown the coop…

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