Meeting Alice

We went to the airport.
Flew on a plane. Nary a meltdown or poop explosion.

And we’re here. It’s good. Really good, although I am not sleeping. My son is sleeping 13 hour stretches, but I’ve slept about 5 1/2 hours in the last two days. I. Cannot. Relax.

Once I get off the crack, I’ll start taking more pics and videos of Mister tearing up Ann Arbor. His Mahgie (how he says grandma-I know-just stop it) made him a WONDERFUL playroom on the front porch that he goes and plays in by himself for luxurious periods of time. Then Grandpa runs him ragged outside. Hence, the 13 hour sleep stretches. And of course, we have Alice. She’s a dreamy little owl of a person I like to call Ketchup & Mustard for no good reason. I must document all of this but first, for the love of it all, I must close my frickin’ eyes.

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