Father’s Day

Here is what Ian was doing a year ago today. Today today’s obsession was more about boots and bacon.




If I haven’t mentioned it before, Husband is an amazing father. It’s one of the reasons I married him. When we met, he had a seven year old son. Now we’ve become this happy family.

My dear Evan, I thank you for changing Ian’s first and last diaper every day. I thank you for sacrificing your own workout and distracting Ian so mama can do her squats and lunges (nothing comes between mama and her leg exercises-be warned). I thank you for bathing with Ian every morning before work. I thank you for getting on the floor to play with him or taking him out to kick the ball first thing after putting in a ten-hour day to support us. I thank you for brushing his teeth and putting on his jammies before story time each night. I thank you for your endless support and encouragement during the sleep training nights when I sat there, teeth gnashed, inconsolable. You were right. It does work! I thank you for always making the time to be a dad, even when there is no time. You teach me what it is to be a good parent every day. My heart is full to bursting.



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