I Met Ina May

I don’t even know what to say. My midwife opened The Community Birth Center which is encircled by a magical group of women healers who show up and do what needs to be done and poof! Babies are being born and green beans are being harvested from the garden and Ina May and Pamela Hunt pop in for a visit.

I was lucky enough to be invited.

They toured the facility. They met Mary Lawler, baby catcher and grandmother to Racha. They sat on the reception couch and discussed breech birth on the big screen (they were in town for the premiere of Birth Story at the LA Film Festival). They ate my Creamy Oats & Quinoa. I mean, really.

I just realized in this moment that the names Ian and Ina are very, very close.

I’ve been told by more than one person that there is a striking resemblance in this picture. I love it. She’s kind of my Dalai Lama.

I was shy. I didn’t speak much. There were many other people there, all more midwifey and doula-ey than myself. I was happy just to be present. To witness the light that Ina and Pamela brought with them. The beauty in the room was staggering. It taught me that life can only be good when I am working towards my vision of empowering mamas and loving up babes. I’ll be doing this when I’m 36 and 46 and 76 and 96, God willing.

Refreshment time.
The center was packed, so this was the owner/midwife’s seat.
I see you.

I implore you to support The Community Birth Center and Birth Story. Together, we ARE changing the culture of birthing for the better!

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