This morning, Ian said “diaper” and “potty” and “pee” all in a row. I took this as a sign and sat him on his potty. He sat there through one whole book (Diapers Are Not Forever, of course). That was that. No action, but a valiant effort.

This afternoon, we went to the park and he played with two other children, kicking and throwing balls. He climbed and descended stairs without me. He wore his hat without (much) protest. And he played in the sand without throwing it for 15 whole minutes.

After his nap and through the rest of the day, he asked for Bodhi and Alice, and was making kissing noises after saying Alice. He misses his cousin.

He has six teeth coming in and is nursing a ton. He loves when I tickle his armpits and signs “more” and “please” when I stop. We played the piano today and he danced as I sang the Curious George theme song a cappella.

He ate copious amounts of hummus and guacamole for his father after eating pretty much nothing all day from me. While getting his pajamas on, he purposely knocked his diaper basket onto the floor with a resounding “ugh oh”. He’s also started to say “oops”.

He’s started to put off his bedtime by nursing and nursing and nursing, wide awake. I’m putting him in his crib wide, wide awake. He always protests a bit, but he’s also started saying “bye bye” and “I love you” as I put him down, which just slays me. He also pats me on the back before I release him.

I say all this because these ordinary days are not. Just for the record.

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