My Gym. My Problem?

This is what mom put me in to go to My Gym for the first time. No wonder I didn’t make any friends. Jk. I would have matched the decor, actually…


Ian and I had our first My Gym experience this morning. Hmmm. I don’t know. It’s kind of everything I was terrified of being a part of before I had kids. Now I’m not sure if I love it or want to run screaming from it.

Probably some of both.

The dude who called me to say that yes, there was room for us in the class (you get a free intro before you are asked to commit) was cool, both on the phone and in person. Ian loved him (he played ball with him and that’s pretty much all you need to do to win this kid over). The other staff  members were ladies, and nice, although the main one who did all the circle songs and yelled out other commands did seem pre-programmed and I kept imagining her sitting on a stained futon in her studio apartment, smoking a bowl before putting on her My Gym t-shirt.

Two parents spoke to me. There were lots of nannies. My kid had little interest in “circle time” or in most of the play equipment. He just wanted to dunk basketballs, and kick balls, and throw balls…which we can do at home for free.

The low point was feeling an itch at the beginning of the class, looking down and seeing a flea jump from my shirt to Ian’s. Then I couldn’t find it. I wanted to leave right then, or report it or something, but I stayed (if you know me at all, you would know that I magically attract fleas even when no one else has seen them or felt them). So far, no bites on Ian or I, but I’m still itching.

I don’t know, y’all. The place is walking distance and he had fun and the dude we liked said it’s very normal for kids to not really engage in the activities at first, especially for boys. They have “open gym time” in the late afternoons, too, which could save me from the park on occasion, unless it’s worse than the park, which is very well could be. I’m just not a natural player, and all this humanity makes me nervous. And itchy.

I didn’t take any pics because I was nervous and itchy, so I’ll leave you with Ian trying on his swimmies for the first time (watch ’til the end-there’s a BIG finish). These were procured for our vacation next week, which is not happening because husband has to work. So if you have a pool, we’ll be over after naps.

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