We painted for the first time. It was messy. It was good. You know how sometimes you walk into a new situation and for no reason you instantly feel comfortable? That happened. I genuinely liked every parent and child who was involved. Almost makes me want to move to the valley…


We went right for the red paint, then the water table. Oh, and his nose has a big old scab. He dove for the soccer ball on Monday night and face planted into the cement. He was very committed.



Naked painted dancing. Obviously.


Teething war paint. Watch out, molars.


So much fun. Seriously, the parents were a breath of fresh air. They just seemed so normal. Moderate. My experience of some Santa Monica parents (and this probably includes me) is they seem tied to theories, and anxiously so. Everything is a method, an ideology, a tactic. How to sleep train. How to potty train your infant. Why you should never sleep train. Why you should never let your child watch TV or eat gluten or meat or sugar or dairy…it can be exhausting.

4 comments on “Art

    • LOVE slightly crunchy! Feel slightly crunchy myself. Like, I read this blogger’s post about weaning her 14 month old and I just got so SAD. Not judging her at all, but I just don’t understand why you would wean unless there was a reason (work, etc.) that was making your nursing relationship unmanageable. She seemed to love it and was waxing nostalgic on how great it was and yet was celebrating it being over…? So that devastates me but then I’ll let my kid watch hours of Curious George, which I’m sure other, more crunchy mamas would scoff at. Craziness. Thanks for reading, and congrats on baby #2 and YAY for home birth! So excited for you!

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