Babysitting Blues

First, a video. Right at the beginning, he says his name clearer than ever. Then he sucks his finger (random).

He’s got a cruddy nose (means no play dates for Lord knows how long). I’m sans babysitter (thought I’d found someone to help with him during the week who was supposed to start TODAY but no…). This is the Monday of all Mondays. I’m grateful he’s taking a long nap so I can get chores done and bitch to you on my blog. Priorities.

I need help with this!

Childcare is a tricky one because on the one hand I get that it’s not brain surgery and I’m not paying much and therefore shouldn’t expect Mary Poppins, but on the other hand it’s my KID and I feel creepy leaving him with someone flaky, if well intentioned. Like, what else is she going to flake on? Leaving the door open? Texting her boyfriend while my child runs into the street after his ball?

Who knows. As for today, we’re going to stroll around to local churches to put up babysitting flyers, hit up Whole Foods for some homeo baby cold remedies, and watch Curious George. And eat yams and broccoli. It could be much worse.

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