Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa

We are having the BEST time. The room is HUGE and fully equipped, including full kitchen and washer/dryer. We have jacuzzied and beached and pooled and whale-watched from our deck in less than 24 hours. Yes, the baby is sleeping like a baby.

We’ve met many lovely families and our plan for the rest of the week is to do more of the same, indulge in a few spa treatments, and go out for a fancy dinner sans toddler (using a sitter service which makes me a bit bonkers but we’ll see how it goes…).

We are eating WAY too much and I kind of don’t care. Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I have no shame in throwing back a meatball sub before getting into my mom suit and splashing around in the pool. My husband still thinks I’m cute.

I’m posting this while watching the last peaks of the sun disappear into the Pacific. I’m. So. Happy.

Ian’s first favorite thing about the vacation was the landlines. We don’t have these at home. “Buttetts! Buttetts!” (Buttons)

Discovering the ocean with daddy.
He watched daddy run toward the waves, then run away before they “caught” him.
He didn’t run fast enough.
Kind of thrilled, kind of pissed.
I think I’m okay…
…’til I spy mama. Mama!

Best moments of the day: Waking up after a blissful afternoon nap, looking out my bedroom deck to see a WHALE, who proceeded to stay and play for the next 4 hours, and playing in the pool with Ian and daddy while overhearing live music on the patio, talking to new friends who traveled from Utah with their toddler for a wedding.

So far the food has been meh (the only part of Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa I won’t be raving about), with the exception of a trip to De Palo & Sons for sandwiches and desserts. It’s like Bay Cities, but friendlier, and a little less Italian. YUM. I’m bout to eat some crazy “Rock Slide Brownies.”

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