The Rest Of Pismo

New adventure for mama and Ian. Yea, I’m not that adventurous.


First helmet worn. He kept knocking on it. Must have sounded funny from the inside.


Casually checking out downtown Pismo. And he has the sweatshirt to prove it.



We made a little pit stop on the way home for chili and cornbread. We were waiting for daddy.



Riding on the beach.




Onto the next adventure. Together.



We’re home. I’m happy/sad. It was wonderful, if not relaxing. We had moments of, “Why did we do this again?” but they were overshadowed with moments of pure joy at witnessing Ian’s first moments of the ocean, of spotting whales, of riding buggies through the street and down the beach and traipsing down his first sand dune.

He’s a good little traveler. He slept great and ate great and was (mostly) happy-g0-lucky. Yesterday morning (an early one at the beach where we tried-unsuccessfully-to rent a dune buggy) he was cranky and melty by 9am and I took that as a sign of stimulus overload so we spent the rest of the day at the resort, watching the water, nursing, reading books, and taking a sunset stroll.

On the ride home today, he stayed in his carseat for close to four hours. Happily! Give this kid a ball, a few books, and a variety of snack and water and he’s good. He also slept for an hour and a half, so the drive home was a pleasant one, even with a brush fire and an accident slowing us down a bit (and daddy’s need for In-and-Out.

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