While I’m Away (Random Week Recap)

I know.

Oh Christ, it’s my birthday. I don’t know why I’m saying it like that. I don’t really care that it’s my birthday and at the same time, I’m secretly hoping (and kind of expecting) that some secret birthday elves will play with my kid all day so I can take long baths and shop for a party dress and bake things.

I’ll let you know if that happens.

Auntie Katie took care of Ian two afternoons this week. LOVELY. And Auntie Tiff made appearances each time as well. BONUS. I love when Ian’s caregivers send me pictures and videos of him while I’m away. From the looks of it, he drank some extra cute juice yesterday.

Earlier in the week, it was too stinking hot to play at the park, so we hit up Westside Pavilion’s indoor play area. Add Bodhi, and you have heaven on earth for Ian. I got to sit for 45 minutes straight and catch up with Bodhi’s mom, that’s how well those two play together.

Birthday dinner is happening at Fig tonight. Never been and have wanted to go for about five years, so I guess it’s time. Pretty much want to try everything on the menu and yes, I’ll be having dessert. I’ve been staying away from sugar and gluten for the last several weeks, but I’ve decided birthday dinners are exempt.

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