Ian has his first ear infection. He’s also taking his very first round of antibiotics, so I’m watching him closely to see how they affect his body/mood/energy level. So far, he seems a bit mellower and more cuddly, and on and off he seems to be in some discomfort. I carb load him before each dose and give him probiotics and am diligent with the coconut oil application on his bum just in case the medicine wreaks havoc on his belly.

Evan and I are also both fighting colds, and have been for the past week. I’m kind of used to feeling sick at this point, and a big part of me thinks it’s actually environmental (long, lingering heat wave here with no rain). Smog sick. Gross.

Here’s a highlight from yesterday’s indoor playtime. Where’s Ian?



And here’s our new favorite “park,” the Yahoo! center. There’s green space and a fountain and stairs to climb and corridors to run down and not one but two cats who live on the premises. Ian likes to eat his snack in the outdoor cafe.


One comment on “Pool-A-Boo

  1. Thanks to you, Evan, Ian and others, my day yesterday is being remembered as extremely, almost overwhelmingly wonderful. It is one I will remember always. Love to you two and my most excellent Grandson!

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