Todd the Pilot

Todd is my youngest cousin. He was the last grandchild. He was born to my Aunt Lolly when she was 40 (GASP), and she wasn’t yet married to Todd’s dad. I remember this all seeming deliciously rule breaking as a ten year old.

Todd has always been a good kid. He brought so much joy to my grandparents lives in their last years. When I graduated college, Todd’s mom bought me a ticket to visit them in Seattle for two weeks. I had the opportunity to spend lots of time with Todd, and even at the tender age of 12, he knew he wanted to be a pilot, which is why at the tender age of 26, he’s flying people through the air for a living.

This kid can focus.

We are lucky enough that Todd’s current flying schedule includes overnights in LA. Not only did he get to meet Ian for the first time, we got to have a slumber party! I made cassoulet and raw, vegan, sugar-free snickerdoodle cookie dough bites that were devoured. Recipe here. Make these.

In the morning we had eggs and bacon and toast, and a little more play time before Todd the pilot flew away. Come back soon! We love you!



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