Good Help


We’ve been blessed with many wonderful care takers, many of whom we consider family rather than “babysitters.” But there’s a special place in my heart for Shelby, because not only is he a wonderful friend and mentor to Ian, as a person and a young man he embodies many qualities I hope to see in Ian one day. When I came downstairs tonight, Shelby was impersonating an Emu. And he sings and he cooks and he cleans up after himself and Ian. I mean, really. We need to clone him.

He’s the son of my lactation consultant and friend who has six babies herself and hot damn has she done a bang-up job. And while I’m not prepared to be the matriarch of a large family, I am considering asking Kim to adopt me so I can partake in the big familiness (yes, I just finished watching Parenthood).

Here’s Ian after nap, before Shelby.

And here’s a video I took from my bedroom window of the boys hard at play.

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