Halloween Fun

That was fun. Seriously. Even with crazy traffic that was crazy even by crazy LA traffic standards. Even with Ian throwing peanuts all over the car on the way to trick or treating (was trying to get protein in him and since he wasn’t melting down in gridlock traffic I figured I’d pick my battles and pick up the peanuts later).

We tricked and treated in my friend Jamaica’s neighborhood as our neighborhood is mostly apartments and thus not trick or treat friendly. Little did we know the street was a Halloween hotbed complete with a huge outdoor family party and Halloween parade. Jamaica’s In-laws were dressed as Grumpy and the Wicked Queen from Snow White, and Jamaica and baby Calice were adorable as a spider web and spider, respectively (keep a lookout for them in the video).

Daddy left work early to join us (YAY). SO much easier wrangling a running Ian with another parent. Did I mention we had fun? And zero meltdowns? Incredible. We made it all the way around the block and here’s a tip, if you want massive amounts of candy, dress up a toddler. Every house put a handful of candy in Ian’s pumpkin, all of which I’m going to donate to Ian’s babysitter today (I had my way with it last night…).



Bodhi joined us, too! I’m sure photos and video are on their way. He was baby krishna, and was a perfect gentleman as always. It was battle glow sticks, and of course Ian kept stealing Bodhi’s although he already had TWO in his own hands. Geez. Then Bodhi would work reverse psychology by proclaiming, “Ian’s sharing!” Yea bud, we wish.

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