I’m Not Decorating For Christmas


I know. For shame. I love decorating for Christmas! I don’t think I’ve ever not decorated for Christmas. Why am I not?

  • Going to Michigan for the actual holiday so it won’t be that horribly depressing to not sit in front of the tree until December 21st.
  • I have a toddler.
  • I have zero surface space to decorate (because I have a toddler).
  • I don’t feel like digging out the bag of Christmas crap out of the garage (because I’m tired, because I have a toddler).
  • I don’t feel like taking all the decorations down after the holidays (because I’m already overwhelmed with responsibility, because I have a toddler).

One day I will not have a toddler. One day I will (hopefully maybe) have a child who wants to help decorate rather than eat tinsel and throw ornaments. One day I will not have dining room chairs on top of the dining room table because my toddler likes to climb and do table dances the moment I leave the room to pee, and I will put out the Christmas tablecloth which will (hopefully maybe) not get yanked off to be used as a cape.

One day is not today. Today I will simply eat too many salted pecans while I look at all the Pinterest moms making pretzel reindeer and Waldorf manger scenes. And play with my toddler in a naked living room.

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