Happy Accident Cookies


I really didn’t think these could get better.





I make these for clients all the time. They are a very frequent request. Recipe here (except I add 1/3 cup raisins and 1/3 cup cranberries-and sometimes cherries and sometimes chocolate).

I baked a batch yesterday and they were soft. Like, too soft to get off the cookie sheet. Shit. Really didn’t want to scrap the operation and start over at 10pm. Light bulb. Try baking them again!

You will see that Angela says to bake for 10 min and no longer. Well, that doesn’t always work for me cuz I make monster big cookies (she makes 16 and I make 12-boom) cuz big cookies are a good time. What did I do? I baked them again. Totally cool cookies were baked at 350 degrees for 8 minutes. The result? A textural sensation. Edges almost crispy, major chew, almost difficult to bite through, but not, and then inside, soft and giving, but still a bit chewy. Like dough enrobed in a crunchy granola bar. SOLD.

Try it.

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