We’re Not Throwing Sand



This may seem a boring video. But it’s kind of a big deal. Pay attention to what you’re not seeing.



I watched with bated breath as Ian played with the sand as it was meant to be played with. YES buddy! You fill up the buckets! You transfer the sand from one receptacle to another! The shovel is for digging, not slinging!

I cannot tell you how many thousands of times I’ve said, “We don’t throw sand.” “Keep it low,” and illustrated thusly. And suddenly, there it was. Bodhi made sure to throw a little sand for good measure cuz he never has before. They always know how to keep it interesting.

2 comments on “We’re Not Throwing Sand

  1. K. Bodhi and Ian’s Dance Party…. Bodhi’s the tapper, but Ian’s got the Lyrical/Contempory thing going! Is there anything athletic that your boy can’t do? :o) Such a cutie! Enjoyed watching a whole bunch of the videos! You are blessed!

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