What I learned (this holiday season and probably 2012).

  • Always give my son the opportunity to consume a full meal before any big adventures.
  • Zofran is magic.
  • The fastest serenity pill is a solo run.
  • Never go towards a stomach flu.
  • Pizza House deep dish crust is delicious.
  • I love my friends.
  • Tantrums are real. And a real mystery.
  • Nothing is as comforting as my mom’s spaghetti.
  • Ann Arbor is beautiful with (and without) snow.

Tomorrow we return home to LA, on Ian’s second birthday. I am nervous about the flight. It’s in the early evening, not during a normal nap time, we’ve had several tantrums of late, including the last time we were in an airport, blah blah blah. The toughness of this trip has been a great teacher. I realized that the worst case scenario sometimes happens…and you live through it. Just like when I was sure my labor was never going to end, it was going to kill me, and my baby would never come out…it did, he did, and all was and is well. So he could scream the entire flight home and poop all over the plane and people could yell at me and tell me I’m a horrible mother. If that happens, we will all live, and a lot of people will live too and be grateful they aren’t me. Happy New Year!

Seriously tho, I am humbled and grateful today for my life. There is abundance and love and support and so much possibility. May I shut my mouth and open my mind in 2013.



Pictionary never gets old.


Playing (fighting) over toys in a tent. Cousins fo life.


Running past my elementary school.

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