Blowing Bubbles

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His attention span is getting longer. After a lazy morning (I offered to take him to the park but he said no, he’d rather sit and eat cashews-so I joined him), we headed out to the courtyard to blow bubbles around 11am.

We came in the house at 12:40pm.

I’m still seeing bubbles, and who knew it could be such good cardio? I was sure he would nap his full three hours, but he was up and cranky after 90 minutes. He fussed about getting in his highchair while I made him a grilled cheese. Then I saw…a two-year molar peeking at me! I was seriously as excited as I was for his first tooth. He’s had 16 of his 20 teeth for at least six months. These last damn molars have caused so much discomfort for so long with no satisfaction. Finally.

I have no idea if any other teeth have made their debut. Guess I’ll have to wait for the next meltdown. I can wait.

As for me (I never talk about me anymore), I’m all Downton Abbey and Girls and Argo and running too much. I feel like the process of motherhood is to completely lose yourself in your child, which feels good and right, and then you ever so slowly find yourself again, all but entirely changed. I don’t know who this new woman is, but I like her.

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