Mary Poppins

Walk and snack before movie time.
Walk and snack before movie time.


I’d been bagging on Mary Poppins all weekend. How creepy I decided it was.

I remembered loving it as a kid, and when I got pregnant I thought we should buy it to enjoy with our little one. I actually thought it would be a fun “early labor activity,” (our birth class instructors advised us to make a list of things to do that would be fun/relaxing/distracting) but when I turned it on when the time came, I was incredibly irritated by it and watched Sleepless In Seattle instead. And balled my eyes out. Whatever works.

We started watching it with Ian and I had that same reaction. Now I KNOW I don’t like this movie. I don’t like the coloring. I weirds me out how red Mary’s lipstick is and how blue-white her teeth are and the old man stuck on the ceiling and the even older man about to die in the bank. Yuck. But I was committed to finishing the film (actually I wasn’t, but husband was). Then this happened.



I guess we’ll be watching Mary Poppins again.

We have the soundtrack in the car, and Ian asks for “Chim Chimmy” over and over. It hasn’t quite trumped “Doe A Deer” or “Eee Ho” (The Lonely Goatherd), but we’ve got time. Step in time.

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