First Blog Award


Christie over at Long Live Go nominated me for my very first blog award. Shucks. Blushing. I found Christie’s site through a post she’d written about extending breastfeeding (YAY), and learned that she also has a son just about the same age as Ian. She and I have been internet buds ever since.

In order to complete my nominee duties, here are three things I love about motherhood (interesting timing as I’ve been sitting on a long post detailing everything I despise about parenting, hmmm, God shot, perhaps?), and nominate other mamas who’s experience teaches me and helps me feel not so alone.

Three things I love about this mama gig:

1. Making food for my son. It’s even better when he eats it.

2. Our bedtime routine: Dad brushes his teeth, changes his diaper, puts on his jammies, then I come upstairs, we read a book, Ian gives daddy a kiss, mama a kiss, and daddy and mama kiss. Daddy says goodnight, turns off the light, Ian has a nurse, when he is done (sometimes he is done voluntarily, most of the time I count to five and he pops off around 3 1/2), he walks to his crib, puts his blankie in the crib, stands on a step stool, I count one, two, three and scoop him up in my arms, give him a kiss and plunk him down, he asks for “tablets” and I give him 3 homeopathic tablets that are nothing but chamomile (unless he’s sick or teething, then the homeo formula changes as needed), we say good night. Sometimes he talks and sings to himself for a solid 30 minutes before falling asleep.

3. Going to Will Rogers State Park to visit the horses. It’s peaceful and quiet. We see deer a lot. He gets as dirty as possible, and I always end up carrying him to the car, where he nurses in the Ergo.

If I have nominated you, and you would like to accept, here’s what ya gotta do:

1. Put the above image in a blog post.

2. List 3 things you love about motherhood.

3. Nominate other mamas you’re digging on.

Here’s a few of my faves:

Heather Eats Almond Butter

La Fuji Mama

180 360

Rachel Thurston

The Chronicles Of Mom

3 comments on “First Blog Award

  1. Thanks Mandy.
    It’s good to read what other moms LOVE about motherhood as some days are just really hard, and I complain a lot more than I want to. These babes are gifts, and I too often forget that. Working on living in the moment more and enjoying these three little blessings of mine.

    Ian’s bedtime routine sounds like a sweet time for all three of you. It’s fun to hear how others do it. My favorite part of Summer’s bedtime routine is when she “pats the moon”. Right before we put her in her crib, we turn on her Starlight turtle and put the moon light somewhere where she can reach, and she pats it. Can’t go to bed without patting the moon. 🙂

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