The Daddy Relationship


I was talking to a dear friend with a newborn about the different relationships we have with our kids, and how as the primary parent (because we stay home with the babes), it is our instinct to jump in and tell our partners how to relate to their own child. In my opinion, the answer is to keep my thoughts to myself, and to keep my mouth closed. Let Ian and daddy figure out and form their own relationship. It can be challenging at times because I think I know how to do certain things with more efficiency, less struggle, etc., but all I have to do is think how I would feel being micro-managed as a parent. NOT good. So I step back and watch the show.

Evan plays so well with Ian. Way better than I do, at least when it comes to sports stuff, which I have never been into, and is pretty much all Ian wants to do. When I was a kid, I played Mall, which involved taking everything in our house and arranging it into “stores”, plus copious amounts of Kleenex, Christmas lights, and flashlights. I danced to records (Grease, The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins on my Bee Gees record player), and made “radio shows” on cassette tapes. Nothing involved a ball. Ever.

Thank goodness for partners with different strengths! I’ll cook the food and clean the mess and fold the laundry while he plays volleyball (or soccer or football or basketball or golf or tennis). And maybe one day I’ll get to show Ian how to make the best jewelry store.

One comment on “The Daddy Relationship

  1. You’re absolutely right! It’s not not fair to micro-manage our husbands. WE certainly wouldn’t like it! ha And boy, do I love that we have different strengths! My son would be sorely lacking if it were just me raising him! 😉

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