Eyed LA. A love story.



I used to go to Lenscrafters. Talk about zero fun. And when I decided it was time for new frames (have had the same sad pair since 2008), I perused they’re selection and was not inspired.

So I tried to do the Warby Parker thing. I tried on a few pairs and was happy, but husband was not. He was like, babe, I gotta look at these glasses, not you, and I think they’re all too dark. I was annoyed and didn’t want to go to the trouble of getting another five pair shipped, blah blah blah. OH, and I was going to use my old prescription cuz I didn’t feel like spending the money to get an eye exam (HELLO, self-debtor). This is a sad story.


Husband says, wait! You’re covered under my company’s vision insurance plan! And I’m like, who has vision insurance these days? And he’s like, YOU do! I’ve never had vision insurance in my life, so now I feel like a rich queen and I start researching optometrists near my home and BOOM. Eyed LA blows my mind with their cool website and beautiful people and I’m like, who are you? I thought I’d be going to some old dude who hasn’t redecorated since 1974 and I’d have to special order frames that don’t look like they came from Lenscrafters.

Oh no. Eyed LA is the midwifery of eye care. Dr. Maylin Gonzalez spent over an hour with me, telling me more than I ever knew about my eyeballs. The eyeglass selection is bonkers. Maylin handpicks them all, and prefers to work with other small businesses who handcraft their glasses (like mine, which are crazy good and I will post a pic as soon as they are shipped-pleasehurrypleasehurrypleasehurry).

Yes, these glasses are bonkers. They actually remind me of my very first pair of glasses I got when I was eight, except a bit bigger and not crooked from falling asleep with them on.

If you live in Los Angeles and love your eyes, please give Eyed LA a shot. In a world (and especially in a town) with very little customer service love, Eyed LA is the warm hug we all need. Thank you. Love you. Will come by with treats very soon.

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