It’s All Happening

When I first had Ian, the idea of potty training and toddler beds and sports and preschools was enough to contemplate putting him back inside. I overwhelm easy (in case you hadn’t noticed), and while I watched some moms tour schools before their kids could walk and practice elimination communication from birth, I busied myself with blogging about how hard motherhood is.

But here I am. Ian is 2 1/2, playing soccer 3 times a week, starting a pre-preschool from tomorrow until eternity two times per week, is on a wait list for the preschool we hope we can squeak him into in the spring of 2014, is in a “big boy bed,” and I have a potty training sticker chart in my Amazon cart. I’m even going to fly across the country with him solo next month, and I’m barely terrified. It’s all happening.




How is Ian? He’s speaking in complete (toddler) sentences. His new favorite answer to everything is, “What?” (Charming, I know.) He’s still napping daily, and most days it’s 2 1/2-3 hrs (woo hoo). He would still nurse all day long if I let him, and although I still love it, I don’t love it on demand anymore. So nursing still happens before and after sleep times, and other times occasionally when we’re in the house, but no more milk when we’re out and about, and I’m going to start talking to him now about no milk on the airplane (I know, I’m such a bad hippie, but I’m not comfortable nursing my 35 pound kid in public…I wish I wasn’t and I wholeheartedly support full term nursing for any and all who dig it). He still has a hard time with getting frustrated when he can’t do something the way he’s picturing it in his mind. Right now, that frustration is centered around his new scooter. It’s all fun and Wheeeee! until it’s NO! and Aaaaaaah! and throwing himself on the ground, screaming. We’ve had to leave the park screaming twice in the last few days over scooter frustration. I get to practice slowing down, breathing, and giving him space in these times while peacefully removing us from the situation. I also think perhaps the latest language burst is tiring him and that’s contributing to the scooter melts because this kid sleeps like the dead in the middle of the day.

How am I? Well first I’m annoyed that this blog has been neglected. It’s because I can’t figure out how to upload video to the site (suddenly YouTube, Vimeo, Mac and WordPress are not my friends), and I want to share the videos so badly that I neglect the blog out of spite. I know. Silly. I’m yearning to work more, exercise more, have more space, have more time with my husband, enjoy my child more, have my child be in the most amazing situation when I’m working so I don’t have to feel guilty/sad/worried when I’m away from him. And my 18 year old stepson is moving in with us next month. And sharing a room with his toddler brother. I don’t have words. And also, I’m happy. I realize on the (almost) daily that I’m truly blessed with a healthy, loving family in a bright pocket of the world where I laugh and grow and give so many hugs and kisses. This is not to be taken for granted.

I’m slowly moving out of surviving parenthood, and moving towards thriving…and here comes my kid, getting out of his bed, walking across the room, opening his door, and coming down the stairs after his nap. See ya.



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