Super Why

Ian is a passionate, passionate man. He likes to fully explore his interests. He discovered Super Why in Michigan and since that time, he has taken common household objects such as a plastic candy cane and turned it into his Super Why magic wand. His blue shoes are his Super Why shoes. His blue blankie is his Super Why cape. And all day long, we hear this song:

I think he likes it mainly because there are super heroes involved. I’ve managed to keep him away from Superman, Batman, Power Rangers, etc. (My kid’s doing just fine being physically aggressive without help from violent cartoons.) I also think he likes that each episode has the same songs and phrases, which he has memorized. Another comforting routine that doesn’t change. We bought a Super Why book to curb the constant request to watch television. Only problem with that is we’ve read Super Why: Hansel & Gretel 200 times in the last ten days.

Anyone else have this song in their head, like, always?

The closest we've ever gotten to Batman.
The closest we’ve ever gotten to Batman.
Super Scarf

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