Halloween Eve

SuperWHYWhenever we ask Ian if he wants to trick or treat this Halloween, his answer is, “No. I don’t want to. Halloween is too scary for me.” (When prompted, he doesn’t know why it’s scary, it’s just scary.)

I went ahead and ordered a costume just in case, and I figured even if we don’t go out on Halloween, he can enjoy dressing up as his very favorite character.

We weren’t sure when to introduce the costume. A part of me wanted to wait until just before we would leave for trick or treating, but then I worried about something being wrong with the costume and wanted a bit of time to fix it if need be. We decided to show it to him just before dinner.

He wore it through dinner, but wanted me to feed him off my fork so he wouldn’t risk getting food on his costume (taking it off for dinner was NOT an option). Somehow we got it off him for bedtime, and the compromise was him being able to have the costume in bed with him, you know, like a blankie.

It’s 10pm. He’s still awake, making super hero noises. Santa’s got nothing on Super Why.

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