Cute Candy


I’m a sugar addict. My husband claims to be a sugar addict (sometimes I believe him but then I see him eat a single bowl of ice cream and have my doubts). So as parents we’re in that weird place where we don’t want to ban sugar from Ian because that makes it all the sexier but we also don’t want to have zero limits around sugar intake.

We don’t have sugar in the house, although I make plenty of sweet treats with maple syrup or coconut sugar. And we’ve noticed that when Ian is around real red dye number five high fructose corn syrup sugar, he LOVES it. All about it, and curiously, he doesn’t get hyper. He becomes sort of groovy (this is making me think of those people who can drink all day and not seem drunk; they’re called alcoholics). He likes to peddle candy to others when he’s not allowed anymore, and he’s a very persuasive salesman (“Look at this, it’s a red jelly bean, you should eat it, it’s so so yummy.”) He’s even sort of cool with candy limits. We won’t take candy away, but we make him wait and have one piece per day.

There have been a couple times where the candy limit was breached. It’s very hard to be firm while witnessing the pure glee of sneaking sugar. It’s the best TV ever.

Below is Ian with two Starbursts. He’d already enjoyed a bubble gum flavored lollipop at the bank, and an orange Starburst at the tailor. Said tailor snuck two additional Starbursts into his pockets, which he wanted to devour immediately. After I put the kibbosh on that, we compromised that he wouldn’t eat the candy, he would just hold it.

To his credit, he only licked them once.

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