Ian’s into it. Like me. I could eat 5-7 ears of corn at a sitting. Easy. Husband hates corn (I know). He also hates zucchini, mushrooms, brussels sprouts, edamame, sugar snap peas, quinoa, rice, shredded carrots…my talents are largely wasted as my husband is stuck in the yummy phase! Hoping Ian will take after me and love veggies. And variety.

2 comments on “Corn.

  1. Uh, I wholeheartedly reject the contents of this post. The notion that I am stuck in the “yummy phase” is an utterly grotesque and ludicrous argument. I have a palette that is as varied and expansive as my vocabulary. I will not have my good reputation besmirched in this way. As proof, I offer that I happen to love mustard, relish and onions on my hot dogs. So, put that in your slow cooker and stew on it for a while.

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